About Us

With over 120 years of service to the fastener industry, Monogram Aerospace Fasteners has established itself as the recognized leader in blind bolt technology. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Monogram serves the world’s markets through a network of dedicated sales professionals and authorized distributors. Monogram Aerospace is a company dedicated to producing industry leading products: specialty fasteners, temporary fasteners for fixturing and alignment, fastener installation tools, finishing and removal tools and the design of innovative fastener solutions for the aerospace industry.


Bringing problem solving products to market is nothing new at Monogram. Our Visu-Lok® fastener pioneered blind bolt technology and for well over a quarter century has remained an integral part of aircraft assembly. With the advent of composite aircraft structures came new fastener challenges. Again, Monogram led the way with a blind fastener design that achieved consistent high preload without the risk of composite delamination. Today Composi-Lok®  is approved on virtually all composite airframe programs throughout the world and the new Composi-Lok3, in keeping with Monogram’s  commitment to a lower installed cost design philosophy, is shave free, providing the performance and reliability of our Composi-Lok with the added benefits of a flush break. Unique in the industry is Monogram’s Radial-Lok® blind bolt. Offering 360° radial expansion throughout the fastener grip, its design properties are unmatched by any other blind bolt. The revolutionary OSI-Bolt® is a direct replacement for solid shank pin and collar systems. The innovative design of this high strength fastener for primary structure delivers strength with the added advantages of simple one-sided installation and a flush break-off for installed cost savings in both metal and composite structure. And now the new Ti-OSI® delivers all these advantages in a weight saving configuration. Our latest innovation is another industry first. The Mechani-Lok™ teams a mechanical lock, large blind upset, absolutely flush break and 95 KSI shear strength and joins the OSI in our growing suite of high strength fasteners for primary structure. Our Visu-Lok, Composi-Lok, Radial-Lok and OSI fastening systems are all easily adapted for robotic installation by incorporating Monogram’s ingenious Double Cylindrical Drive Nut Concept. This design significantly reduces tooling requirements while achieving additional cost savings through trouble-free installation. Monogram remains committed to its leadership role as the premier manufacturer of innovative fasteners, delivering lower installed cost solutions to the aerospace industry and is currently developing other problem solving solutions to meet tomorrow’s aerospace challenges.

Unrivaled Quality

“Providing our customers with a total commitment to operational excellence in product quality and services” is not just our Quality Policy Statement; it is a philosophy embraced by the whole Monogram team. Our focus on Six Sigma, Kaizen, Design of Experiment, Lean Practices and a relentless company-wide pursuit of continuous improvement combine to yield aerospace products of unrivaled quality and value.

Technical Support

A hallmark of Monogram’s success, technical support continues to be a key element of our customer focus. No matter what the requirement, from a simple part number cross reference to around the clock on-site product support, Monogram Aerospace has the resources and dedication to resolve your problem.